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Nocturne surreal dream with clouds, big

Jul 5, 2020 12 - 3pm ET

Discover the Subconscious through the symbolism of your Dreams.

This group session is inspired by the late Karl Wolfe's Dream Groups. Through intricate storytelling, dreams reveal much about our subconscious belief systems and processes with 

often powerful and sometimes 

confusing symbolism and imagery. They are also great portals into the realm of deeply hidden shadow material. This work has tremendous potential to unearth hidden messages from the subconscious and to bring healing

Even if you don't remember your dreams, the format of the group session is such that you will be enabled to bring forward the energetic dynamics, stories and archetypes that are running "behind the veil".

Zoom online meeting (download Zoom here). Limited space available.

Email to register or book online here


Coming Soon

Yin & Yang -

Holy Relationships 

$ 75 Individual / $100 for couples

How to break the cycle of the special love/special hate relationship.

This group session invites couples and singles alike who seek conscious, spiritually rewarding relationships.

Relationships, whether with family members, co-workers, friends or intimate life partners have the greatest potential to show us exactly where our strengths and our shortcomings lie. They are blessings - especially the difficult ones. 

When we consciously reclaim our sovereignty in the relationship while maintaining an open heart and space for the other, we will begin to understand that no one can complete us but ourselves.

Zoom online meeting (download Zoom here). Limited space available.

Email to register. 


Coming soon 

A Course in Miracles - Teachings Applied

In this course, we will dive into the wisdom and teachings of one of the great Awakening classics, A Course in Miracles.

Together we will go through the process laid out in the Course, meditate on its teachings and share experiences and insights.

We will meet once a month to read from the Course, meditate and further evolve our group consciousness. 

Zoom online meeting (download Zoom here). Limited space available.

Email to register. 

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