Thank you for your interest in SIENNA Spiritual Coaching.

Meet Kristina Hoffmann, founder of SIENNA .


Having grown up mostly atheist behind the Iron Curtain in East Berlin in the late Seventies, Kristina's spiritual journey began over a decade ago. Her first experience of spontaneous spiritual Awakening took place in the late 2000'sAt the time she didn't have a concept of what had happened or had even heard of spiritual Awakening. She had been introduced to psychological archetypes and 

mythologies by a mentor, who - as she didn't consciously know then - was awake and vibrating at a high frequency. Simply by being in sheer proximity to a higher-vibrational being, she shifted to a higher vibrational reality herself, a phenomenon also known as entrainment. She felt a joy, happiness and a depth of perception and connectedness with life that was entirely new to her. A seed had been planted.

"Every tree, every flower, every wave in the ocean seemed to be alive and to be speaking to me.

I remember one day coming home to my family and hugging my children and watching myself doing so from outside my body." 

Yet, because it hadn't been a conscious Awakening, she was still being fully identified with Ego. 

She wasn't able to maintain the higher vibration. She hadn't done the work on tuning in to awareness, and tapping into owning her true essence power. While she felt she had 'lost' something very precious, she couldn't have described what that really was nor did she know how to reclaim it. Years of unhappiness and suffering followed. Through all the unhappiness she had but one deep knowing: There had to be a different way to live and be. 

The teachings she had asked for came gradually and through different people and avenues. Books, randomly left on a coffee table for her to pick up and read, movies recommended by friends, seminars, personal coaching sessions, meditations, movement, dreams... Once she opened herself to finding the truth, the truth found her. SIENNA Spiritual Coaching is the result of that process. It is the next step in sharing what she has learned about herself and others and helping as many people as possible to experience the truth of what we really are in our essence.  

Every one of us is a teacher, every day to everyone who comes in contact with us. We teach by demonstrating to those around us groundedness, self love, joy, generosity, integrity, kindness, and compassion. Or we teach judgement, anger, jealousy, competitiveness, toxicity, envy, addiction, depression, dis-ease... We have a choice. We can choose which wolf we want to feed.

"If your journey led you here, and you're still reading this we are likely meant to teach each other. Wherever you are in your journey, we are there together as there is truly only one of us." 

When Kristina will work with you, the energy will lead you both. She will hold a space for you to explore your stories, belief systems and mythologies - the very things that are keeping you from experiencing the happy, fulfilled life you are seeking. 

You will connect to your true Self, learn about the lies of the Ego and how to transmute them. Once a mythology is brought up from the depth of the Shadow into the light of Awareness, it loses its power and can no longer run as a subconscious program in the background. Often times, these stories are deeply configured with layer upon layer of Ego lies. It takes self-compassion, patience, honesty, and courage to peel them back one by one. Together with your coach you will identify these stories and bring them to the light of awareness. The more openly you will bring yourself into the process, the more rewarding the results will be.

While this work is healing in nature, Kristina is not a psychotherapist. She is not trained to treat mental health issues. She will provide a framework and guidance for fellow souls in their individual process of Awakening. She will explore spiritual truths with you and how to experience them. She will show you ways to access the inner dimension of peace and happiness that is always accessible to you.


Spirit Is Eternal and Never Not Available - The meaning behind SIENNA.